Yes, I’m Aware.

It was a rather mixed few days for me now that I am looking back. It felt productive, but also somber because of the love occasion. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day last Saturday, or how I call it — the “spit on my face that I’m single!” day. I have been doing really well trying to focus on being happily single, but when everything just reminds you that you are alone with no one enjoying it with, your resolve crumbles. I did not spiral into depression, but it really affected me because it was a big reminder how alone I am. I guess it is more pronounced living here in the US where you are expected to stand up on your two feet and trudge on independently. But, that’s that and I have to adjust and live with my choices, and hope for the best.

On a happier note, JT, one of my Cinci friends visited here for a night of volleyball last Thursday. It was nice to see him and reconnect, even if we chat regularly. It’s still different seeing him in person and being able to interact with him face-to-face. He has some stories that are familiar to me since I’ve lived in Manila, but a bit foreign as well because there are many new things that have just moved on. Not that I am complaining because I do not have any plans of moving back to the Philippines anytime soon.

It was also my last day to play volleyball for a while. I have finally listened to the aches I feel in my body. I really need to let my knee rest, and strengthen it. It does not mean that I will just let things go because I still have to meet some goals — stronger core, and upper body. The current plan is to rest my knees for 2 weeks, and then start strengthening them out in the next 2 weeks. So I should be able to focus on my upper body then. In my head, it sounds good but we will see if this will fly.

Last weekend (while sulking at home), I invested my time in watching a documentary on the history of the US. It all started with my frustration on the history category of the Trivia Crack game. I was practically clueless about US history, and I was really fascinated by the short history of the US from its humble beginnings in Jamestown, until its current status as a superpower. I am informed, but there’s still a lot of history that I need to learn! It was a good start for me enabling me to cover the major milestones in US history.

I also got to watch this movie called That Thing Called Tadhana. It’s a Filipino movie tackling the sad aftermath of a breakup. The style reminds me of the “Before…” trilogy of Linklater because it was mostly conversation between a man and a woman exchanging stories, and ideas. I really love these kinds of movies!

That brings me to this week! I’m getting my first vacation of the year and will be travelling to Portland and Seattle this Thursday. I’ll be meeting my friend Danuel there. Hopefully, everything would be smooth and enjoyable! I’m mostly excited about Din Tai Fung in Seattle so that should keep me in high spirits until Sunday (the day when I leave Seattle).


2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Aware.

  1. Yes! DTF is awesome! XLB can always make me happy!
    Not usually. I was already getting into the idea of being single in life… but when media, social media, etc just shove it in your shove that they have a Valentine, it shakes your resolve.

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