dreams end when you wake up.

Dreams end when you wake up.

I was talking to Dave earlier about continuously dreaming until at one point, you realize it’s not for you. We dream all the time but it’s an idealized future without uncontrollable or unknown variables. It’s your made up reality where you achieve a goal. This dream fuels us to work harder to achieve it until you reach that point. A few things could happen, 1) the goal is similar to what you have imagined and you are left satisfied, 2) the goal is so far out that you just want to abandon it, or 3) you just live with it making the most out of it. Personally, moving abroad was always a dream. It’s a combination of 1) and 3) for me because for the most part, I am happy. I did imagine that I’d find a partner along the way, but it seems to be just a dream once again. I manage my expectations and adjust with what I have. I’m not the 100% content, but it’s enough for me to believe that the situation is still acceptable.


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