March 1

We are already in the last month of the first quarter of 2015! January and February really flies by so fast that it’s so ridiculous. I feel that I am trying to chase after the days and wishing that I get some progress in what I want to achieve this year. Slowly, it’s getting there but it keeps me scratching my head on some areas where they’re just flat.

I ended my little vacation last Monday. Portland and Seattle are pretty cities. I see more of myself living in Seattle because of the diversity and it seemed more metro as compared to Portland. But, Portland is not bad at all especially when it comes to the food scene. Mother’s, a brunch place I discovered was just amazing! Then, Dan and I ate at this food truck in Hawthorne called Carte Blanche. The food was so great! Of course, shopping in Portland is cheaper because there is no sales tax. It’s just a shame that there’s no Zara, Uniqlo, or my other staple stops in a shopping run. In Seattle, the holy grail for me is definitely Din Tai Fung. Their XLB is still the best and undefeatable! There were mixed feelings swirling in my head about this trip though. It was not pure bliss. I got some episodes where I just want to scream and just leave, but I just went through the days one day at a time and hope for a light in the tunnel. No one was at fault, but maybe it is because people (including me) change. We like or dislike things that we can easily accept or let go in the past. Maybe it’s really becoming the person with a strong resolve and knowing what you want (and do not want).

Work this week has been really hectic. I was in whole-day workshops for 4 days and it was just draining. The good thing though is that I was finally able to meet people that I have worked with, and people I am working with. Meeting them makes it more personal in a way because they are not just an email, phone call, or instant message. I can put a person behind it and see how they are in real life.

I told myself that I will stay away from volleyball to let my left knee heal. That promise got chucked out of the window and I played last Tuesday and Thursday. I think it was a good checkpoint if my knees can take it (the answer is no). I know that I need more time to heal and really strengthen myself further. If I want to play for more years, I need to be smart about it and listen to my body. So, I’ll probably rest more and work on more strengthening exercises. Let’s see where this brings me.

Finally! House of Cards was made available last Friday and I finished all 13 episodes yesterday. It was a draining few days watching all of them in almost one go. Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey acted extremely good, but the story did not seem to be compelling enough. I felt that it was very subdued with no triumphant themes that made me root for Frank and Claire in the first two seasons. There was a lot of Doug Stamper episodes and I think giving him more screen time made it more palatable because of his struggles carried over from the second season. Well, this show is done for me and I will have to wait for another year for the fourth season to appear in Netflix. Maybe I can like that more.


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