Pi Day!

It is Pi day y’all! For the non-geeks, today is March 14 (3/14/15) and that corresponds to 3.1415. Ergo, Pi day.

This week has been very stressful for me. When the clock read 5:00pm yesterday, I was so ecstatic because it gives me some breathing room to take a break and just enjoy a few days off and not deal with work and all the busyness that goes with it.

This week started off with sick days. I had to take Monday and Tuesday off because of severe soreness in my throat. It was like swallowing shards of glass! I thought that it was just gonna pass after some rest but when I did not sleep well on Monday night, I knew I had to bring in the heavy guns. I called up my PCP but there seems to be no available slots that Tuesday. I opted to just go to the TriHealth Priority Care in Mason. I got two friends who recommended that provider already, and was very satisfied with the service. I was given Prednisone to alleviate the inflammation in my throat, and some antibiotics just in case. By Wednesday, I did not feel much pain but I had full blown colds which was another terrible thing. I worked from home that day, but decided to go to the office on Thursday and Friday to catch up on some face-to-face work needed to be done. I still had the sniffles, but you got to do what you have to do. Those two days have been packed with meetings and additional items to my ever-growing to-do list. On the bright side, I really felt productive and was able to focus in addressing most of my work. I was so tired after those days though.

Other than my miserable week due to sickness, the weather has been awesome!  We’ve been getting relatively warm weather (>40s). It feels so good not to layer up just to go out! I was able to walk earlier to the post office (to mail my tax returns) sporting a light jacket! I’m so excited for the weather to warm up some more!

In other news, one of the opportunities I was looking at fell through. It seemed like I did not have much experience in ground up projects which made me question my credentials a bit. I’m still looking out what’s available and see where it will end up. Let’s see!


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