It’s better.

My foot seems to be better today. It is not back to normal (far from it!), but it’s an improvement from Saturday’s swollen grapefruit look. I visited a doctor yesterday and he confirmed that I did not have a fracture. I was relieved with that news. I just tore one ligament (at the right side where it was swollen), and I should be able to walk better in the next few days. But, I have to give volleyball a rest for the next 2 weeks or so. I’ll listen to my body and see when I’m ready. Today, I was able to drive to Starbucks (Happy Hour!) albeit slowly and walked to Pipkin Market for some vegetables I needed for my Beef Kaldereta. I know that I’m not yet ready to drive normally because my right foot still feels a bit heavy. Short trips in slow roads are my limits so far. Let’s see how my foot feels tomorrow. I’m hoping to get out of my apartment by Thursday at the very least.

I finally succumbed and got a TV cable subscription. I’m such a late bloomer on this but I just thought that I need some more entertainment at home. I can DVR the TV shows I follow, and I can finally watch some sports! Some background — I wanted to watch some NCAA volleyball games, but they’re only available with an ESPN subscription. That sucked! Well, I will finally get one and I can watch more TV! Let’s see what will happen tomorrow and I’ll update this space.

I feel more positive today because I am seeing progress with my foot. There were some spots of frustration from work, but nothing I could handle with some time and coordination. I need to focus more on work and the things I need to do. I get distracted very easily and I need to strengthn my focus and resolve.


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