March rundown!

Finally, it is April! Let’s just say that March has not been my favorite month, and having April roll in quicker than expected is something I am very happy about. March has just been rough than normal. There were things that happened that just really threw me off and did not allow me to enjoy much of the time. At the top of my head, I can think of 3 things — my sprained ankle, my Mom’s health news, and work. I think I started April quite strongly and positively and I’d like to keep it that way. Here is a quick rundown of what has happened in March in a more tangible way…

Financially, it’s a big letdown. Due to my mom’s upcoming operation this month, I have to provide more than usual. It’s a big dent in my financial plan and I think I can recover some of them in a month or two. That means though I am back at square one, and I need to tighten the belt a bit. It’s good that I am working at the client office because I bring food usually and that is a big saving (and healthier as well!). I am pretty much Paleo most of the time now but let me comment on that later.

Health-wise, April will be a challenge. I sprained my ankle last Sat (Mar 28) and that took me out of my health regimen for a week already. I am expecting a few more weeks to allow my ankle to completely heal. I hope to go back to the gym for some workout in 1-2 weeks, and go back to play volleyball in 3-4 weeks. I am more conscious now with my body and will really listen to it more intently. Perks of aging I guess. L For the past week, my diet is pretty crap. I felt miserable with my situation and decided to eat things that I want even if it’s not healthy. I had baked Cheetos, Hawaiian sweet rolls with peanut butter, and okonomiyaki. Crap I tell you! Weirdly, I lost some weight and I think that’s muscle that flew out of the window.

At work, it has been busy. I was juggling some side projects and contract writing and making sure everything is on-track. It was not terrible in the way that I was super stressed. It was a good stress actually. It kept me at my toes and fueled me to push harder. Good motivation in my opinion. After my sprain, I worked from home the entire week and thought I was 80% productive to be honest. The good thing is that it was also Easter season so work was really not on its peak levels. Next week, I have my list of follow ups already and I want to push harder and see where it will bring me. I am still looking for opportunities out there. March has been a wash and it really shook my confidence a bit. I knew that I needed to adjust and see where this ship goes.

That was last month and so far April has been starting good. I decided to get a cable subscription and I think I got a decent deal out of it. It’s not cheap and I do have to make some financial adjustments, but I want to see how April comes and then will make some adjustments. I already thought of stopping my Netflix subscription as a cost saver, but maybe I do not need it. We will see. What this made me realize is how much I love TV!!! It’s so awesome to have DVR and just record shows that I want to watch and have some control over it. I can also watch previous episodes of some shows I missed — I am now on a Master Chef marathon! I have been loving HGTV and Food TV as well. I guess you know where 20% of my productivity went last week.

What I want to achieve in April is simple:

  • Get out of the red in terms of finances, and build that plan.
  • Rebuild strength (especially in my legs), and be more intelligent here.
  • Get some tangible updates in opportunity search
  • Push harder with work
  • Do a simple road trip to break the cycle

Still bruised but better than Saturday



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