I’d just like to say the weather this weekend is just amazing. It was very sunny and so much different from the dreary weather of the past week. Cincinnati got hit by a bunch of storms. I can’t wait to experience more of this sunny weather and explore more of my surroundings. This year, I want to do some more activities outside the house! Let’s see what goes to reality from my bag of ideas.

Work update — My work has stressed me out last week. I was finally back at the office, and it was just a pile of poo. It was a mess! It is annoying but manageable in my opinion. I just don’t feel good cleaning the mess of other people, even if it is my job. On the opportunity front, I had some conversations here and I’m crossing my fingers that something comes into fruition.

Ankle update — This is not fully well yet. As you can see in the photo of my ankle, my right ankle is still a bit swollen. Since the day I have sprained my ankle, I was just able to walk properly yesterday. It’s definitely a milestone for me because I was getting a bit concerned. I was practically limping for 2 weeks and I thought I was going to be like this forever. I’m happy that I can see progress, but it’s still a journey for me. There’s still some stiffness and discomfort when I go down the stairs. I need to do some exercises to make it better. So, I am still projecting May for my return in the courts. I need to get an ankle brace as well! 


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