Another bunch of realizations

There are things that happened in the past week that made me think more about life, people around me and the future. I think about life in general, but I just thought it’s worth sharing and putting it down in my blog for future reference.

I realized that you cannot have the perfect person in your life. This is not just romantic relationships, but in general. I should learn more that we accept people in our lives will not always make you feel grateful that they are around. It’s possible that there are days where you think “how can I have this person in my life?”. But, it’s good when you think about it in general. At the same way, I cannot say that I’ve been perfect for other people. There are moments that they probably want to kill me, but I hope they also appreciate that I have been a very avid supporter in every choice they make — even if I do not believe or accept them. Because choices and moments are just that — it’s a part. These things do not define the person and you have to look at it one level higher — do I want to be with this person in my life?

Secondly, I realized how many options I have in my life and yet I limit myself to a subset of it. I like the limit or focus because it gives me some parameters in what I want to do in my life. There are people who just do things because they can do it, or just to say it’s done. Kudos to them! I want to do things that matter to me. I want to be able to answer the question — why am I doing this? What is the point of doing this in my life? It’s not calculated, but I just want to put some meaning in what I do and establish an anchor or drive to keep on moving on. With the latest developments in my life in terms of career opportunities, it’s giving me the necessary focus on thinking ahead. I did not really think much on what I want to do in the next 5 years, but today, it was clear to me. I want to be part of something bigger than who I am. I do not want to be in the sidelines and help out in enacting change. I want to be driving this and pushing it forward. I never thought that I’m that ambitious and driven but going through the interview made me reassess where I stand now, and where I want to stand in the short and long term. I’m happy.

Ankle update — my ankle is still tender during the morning and quick lateral movements still has some pain. I am walking normal and I can jump. I bought some resistance bands earlier to start strengthening my ankles and also my knees. I think my target of May is more realistic, but I want to still be optimistically cautious about this. I don’t want a repeat of my injury, and I want to be smart and stronger than before.


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