Short update!

Weekdays. This week has been life changing, but there’s really nothing yet set in stone that I want to put in my blog. I’ll put a protected/private post maybe later to get that out because I really got good ideas from this experience. Other than that, work has been tiring. I don’t know why but I have not been sleeping really well for the past few weeks. I really think it is still because of my ankle, but there are also some things in my mind (work, family, life). I wish I can do yoga again but I am still afraid of doing any strenuous leg exercises that might exacerbate my ankle. Trade offs.

Weekend. This weekend though was rather mixed. I got disappointed a bit when my Friday plans did not push through. It was not set in stone, but it was just something I expected that would happen, but it did not. I shook it off after one day, but like any other bad deed, the bad taste is there and I will never forget it. Saturday was much better. After a long time, I gotta eat at Eagle once again during a night out with JV. It’s good chicken and a reminder of Shakey’s  fried chicken. Then today, Dr. Ryan and I had some Red Robin and Costco break. I’m trying out a new protein shake which apparently is tested to be one of the most superior out there. I plan to test this for a week and see how my body reacts to it. If it’s good, then I’ll keep it and put in a good word about it. Also, I went to Mike’s Carwash for my Golf’s first ever carwash! The weather was nice and I was already in Costco, so it mae sense to pass by for a quick wash!

Ankle update. My ankle is still in a weird place. It seems to be healing well, but there’s this lump near my ankle bone that tells me that I am not yet out of the woods. According to google, it seems to be some scar tissue from the healing of ligaments. I will need to have it checked this week and see what the doctor thinks of this lump. It also means that I need to pay a visit again to Dr. Patel and postpone my change in PCP. I have bought some stuff to help my ailing body. I bought ASO ankle braces, Bauerfeind knee braces, and a foam roller. I need to get a lacrosse ball in Dick’s one of these days too. I just want to return in the court! I miss volleyball!


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