No excuse but I’ve been busy

It’s already the middle of May and I have not really been able to post something here because of two things:

  1. It has been so busy the past few weeks. It’s really driven because I already sent in my notice last April 28 and everything just went by so fast. The other managers knew, and so did my customers. The rush of finding my replacement swept me away and it was just really busy and draining being in meetings and meetings wth people I’ll be leaving the work with. My last day with HP will be this coming Friday so this week will definitely be busy as well. As what my ADM told me, I chose this so I have to suck it up. What was interesting though was that I received a lot of appreciation in doing all of the transition work I have been doing. Back home in Manila, it’s expected that a smooth transition happens. Here, it seems like people just sent in their notice and take a back seat. My customers were very appreciative and supportive of me still working on the project until the very last day. When I put in my notice, it was something that I wanted to do and complete — make sure that everything is taken care of.
  1. Lack of inspiration. I have started some blogs in my little notepad but I just could not follow through. I run out of steam, or overthink my post that I just decide to delete everything and start from scratch. But of course #1 happened so after deleting, I just work on other things. For the lack of better excuse, I just did not follow through. It does not mean though that there are no ideas or events in my life. As said in #1, I am leaving my company of almost 10 years, and additions to that would be my mom’s operation (which was a success by the way!), thoughts on self-confidence and relationships (as usual!), my take on Avengers 2 (it was a little scatterbrain) and being able to play volleyball once again with some discomfort. All I can really say is I will do better!

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