Beach life

I have been in sunny and beautiful Cancun since Sunday. I decided to just fuck it and just go ahead while not thinking of the cost. It’s not really an arm and a leg to be honest, but it’s still something that I will need to recover because I’m not really earning any money at the moment. I think I need this because (1) I need a break, and (2) I need to think and reframe my life. The past 10 years have been something that totally took me in another life. I do not know if it’s lack of confidence, but I never really imagined myself where I am. If you asked me 10 years ago if I’ll be working in the US, and moving to a leadership position, I would have laughed and told you not possible. US was one of the last places where I was expecting to move. 

So, I need to reframe my life again and be bold in what I can achieve. History showed me that I can and I just need to pull my weight. And, that’s the tough part lately for me. I have already let the weight of skating around be the norm. I need to recalibrate and build my strength to push once more. I am physically capable. I just need to train for it and make it work.

I think it’s my first solo trip where I am not going to an urban city. I usually take that because I can find things to do. I am not left with my own faculties to just lounge around and be sorry for myself. To be honest, I quite enjoyed my trip. I would have preferred a travel buddy to help on the cost, but also for company.
What did I do in Cancun?  Most of the time, I just really relaxed by the beach or the pool thinking about nothing. I did not have much hangups that usually made me a Debbie Downer except during my tour day. I can never be a Dave and be friendly to the world unfortunately. I like my boundaries and comfort zone. Maybe it’s some skill I can acquire in my new company. Let’s see. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s what I need to live through for the next years and own it. 


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