Before I head out to the gym, let me just put on a post so it is out of the way. For sure, I will forget about this sooner or later if I don’t do it now. Yesterday, I got to watch Jurassic World. It’s a great movie! It was entertaining and well-made! I just don’t get why they have to make Bryce Dallas Howard run around in heels. Strange.

I’m happy to say that my workouts have been pretty good. I think I’ve grown stronger and I have developed a good rhythm to push me to the next level. I weigh more now, but I do not think it’s because of fat (which I still need to trim down), but muscle. I need to focus more in my Paleo diet especially that my work location does not really offer any good options for me. So, I am thinking of removing refined sugar and grains (except rice) again from my system.

I’ve been breaking out like crazy and I am not sure if it’s because of the dust, weather, toothpaste, or sugar. Historically, these are my main culprits for breakouts. I have changed my toothpaste (goodbye Crest!) and trying to minimize sugar. I’ll change my sheets today, and do another vacuum sweep at home. Hopefully, this will manage things.  It’s annoying.

Volleyball felt better this week but I need to be disciplined to not succumb to play in consecutive days. I played Friday and Saturday and my knee complained a bit that Sat evening. It’s all about protecting the base and not to push it too much considering I am not getting any rest in physical activities. I also need to add more outdoor activities because i just do gym activities (workouts, volleyball). I’ll have to start walking around my area or head to the park for some sun.


8 thoughts on “6/14

  1. First time I heard that tooth paste causes (acne, I assume) breakouts. Maybe it’s stress related? Cutting down on sugar, oily, and spicy surely helps, too.

    Great you found your work out routine. Do you do it alone or with a trainer?

    1. I read through it in the internet, and there’s some word that toothpaste can cause acne. after my switch, i have lesser breakouts. i think it’s the toothpaste indeed.

      I just do it alone. I try to target areas that can improve my game play in volleyball. do you?

      1. Really interesting about the tooth paste thing. Oh well, I am also not surprised.

        I am doing exercises at home. I found this 30-day program which gets a little more challenging with each day and cycle and then you just continue. It’s what I can do at this moment as I am way too lazy to go to the gym.

      2. Yes, and after I started doing it, I realized it’s actually good for me. Although it’s not much, the regular little bit helps.

        Hope your breakout goes away. Avoid these scented bath soaps maybe. I am enemies with them. LOL

      3. same here. I use Ivory soap only actually. I tried others and they just cause more breakouts. That’s the only one that helps for me.

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