i woke up feeling tired and sore today. I had a good number of sleep hours but I still feel fatigued. I even skipped gym last night to rest but it’s no use. I need to figure this out and get out of this funk. 

My AC at home is acting weird so I had my apartment manager check that. Hopefully that gets fixed soon because that’s one of the factors I am looking at. 

Life is getting busier than usual but I took a breather and made my first big purchase this year — an Apple Watch. To be honest, I don’t think I need it and if I will keep it. I have a week to get used to it. Let’s see. 



One thought on “6/17

  1. Yeah, sleeping enough and still feeling knackered happens to me, too. Usually when I am falling sick or when I wake up in a bad moment of my sleep phase.
    Interesting what you will report about the Apple Watch after using it for a while.

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