Life back home

I’ve been back here in Cincinnati for a week already and it really feels great to be back “home”. There’s really such a comforting feeling in being able to settle back into something familiar. My friend Dan might think that I’m already settled or to some extent wasting here, but it just feels good to be back here. Even if Singapore felt more happening, and I have family and friends in Manila, both places really just did not bring me a sense of hominess that Cincinnati brings.

The first week was really about getting back into the groove of things. I shook off my jet lag very well actually. I had some tired moments but it just lasted a few days. My weight gain was an issue though. I think I gained around 8 lbs so I had to really focus on my healthier options once again to manage my weight to something I personally deem acceptable. It’s still a long way to go.I lost 4 lbs of my biz trip weight gain, but the goal is to be back at 140 lbs. That means less carbs and sugar for me! This will be tough but I need to mush on.

I played some volleyball here already. My knee is still bothering me and I am trying out another knee brace to see if this will improve things. It did not. I just purchased some Dr. Scholls active insoles and I hope that can help a bit. I am also back to using Kinesio Tape for me left knee. I am really focusing on strengthening my quads and hams, and also performing foam rolls to help loosen up my tight muscles. Let us see if these things will help.

Last Saturday was very awesome. It was my first time to canoe and camp. Technically, the first time was in Puerto Rico’s Bioluminescent Bay. But that was at night, and I practically freaked out more due to the idea of floating in a lagoon filled with dinoflagellates. The canoeing activity was fun and relaxing and I can see myself doing this again. Camping was also easier than expected. But I think that’s because of the preparedness of Roman and Cams. It really inspired me to be more outdoorsy and explore more.

The trip was also a good break because life was starting to get the better of me once again. I always struggle with finding purpose and joy with things I do, and this just gives me additional oomph. Life is good!


One thought on “Life back home

  1. Glad to hear you are settling back into your life. I can relate to the feeling of “hominess” despite living in a foreign country. Regarding your knee, maybe you should see a doctor.

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