just a recap

It has been a month since I have really sat down and jot down things that have been going on in my life and in my head. It’s not that life has become unbearably crazy but I just never found the inspiration/time to just stay put and write down things. I have a few minutes now and I am forcing myself to do that just now.

So just a recap.

  1. Work has been manageable but I know it’s going to be crazy soon. There’s just more work coming up and I need to focus on this and deliver. On top of doing my job well, I also need to improve myself. I know that I need to work on being able to influence other people and also build relationships around. Being introvert sucks sometimes I swear. I need to volunteer more at work and be more active in my affinity group.
  1. I joined a volleyball league that will start on Sept 21. It’s my first time to join a league and I’m pretty excited about the idea. I do not think we will crush the competition but more like we will crash and burn to be honest. But I want to be able to network more so I can have more opportunities in joining leagues around. It’s all about network, network, network.
  1. I gave my notice a few weeks ago to my Landlord. So I am officially moving out of my apartment in October. I moved here in 2011 and it has really been a fun time living here. But I think it’s time to move on. Since I have friends moving to Singapore temporarily, I might move in to their house and just live there for 1-2 years. This puts the ball rolling in getting a house of my own in 1-2 years.
  1. I watched AVP Cincinnati Open live for the first time. It was pretty nice seeing professional volleyball players in action. I remember enjoying the FIVB Grand Prix games when they held it in the Philippines. I wish I can watch more high level volleyball games. I need to look more for that.

PS: I will blog more! I promise!


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