Sunday – 9/13

Today was busy that I just dozed off when I got home around 5pm. I woke up at 8pm and now I’m pretty much wide awake. I had a late night yesterday where I went out with JV and Dr Ryan to BZ. After a drink, I was still a bit tipsy so we ended up in IHOP for some pancakes. Side note – pancakes are sooooo good especially when you are a bit drunk.

I woke up around 9 in the morning and talked to my friend Ronald about some stuff going on in our lives. I think it’s good that we can just trudge on and easily talk about issues and see how we can all help each other. It’s friendship and there’s trust bound by almost 2 decades. I like those kinds of relationships because you’ve seen each other grow and mature.

Then I headed to Mt. Airy to pick up the lumpia from Ma’am Agnes. As always, Ma’am Agnes’ food is a hit in the party. Drew and Scotty, some volleyball friends, are having their housewarming party today so my pot luck food was lumpia. Everyone was pretty happy about how the lumpia turned out so I’m happy. My Leche Flan was also there but there was just too much food that I think that it got overshadowed.

All in all – it was a good but tiring weekend. It’s so short that I wish there’s another day to just recharge before getting back to work. It’s gonna be a busy day and I’m dreading it a bit already. :-/ I don’t think there’s volleyball tomorrow so I can do another run around my area to train for the Color Run, and then Tuesday will be my first foray into rock climbing. Crossing my fingers.


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