9/25 – Friday

Finally, it is Friday and I’m so psyched to head back home to Cincinnati and just relax. I’m still feeling off due to being tired in general (don’t ask me why) and a fallout last night with a friend. Since I do not know how to even answer why I feel tired/demotivated these days, I’ll just elaborate on the fallout.

It all started about finding a sub for our team because one of our teammates was injured. Originally, we were gunning for a guy who we all agreed to as a team, but he’s not available and he suggested another guy. So my friend already agreed with that guy. I just told him that maybe he’d want to tell the team first that we’ll be getting this other guy because we don’t know how the others feel or we can get a better option. I don’t have any issue with this person by the way, and we are not pressed for time. My friend took it the wrong way because he disagrees to my point of being consultative with the team. He snapped that I do not appreciate him finding a person, and he will not do it anymore. I thought it was a case of “we agree to disagree.” But no. He messaged the entire team telling the team that I told him that I should have asked them first about it and asked if they have a problem with that.

For me, he made it appear that I have a problem with it. And I do not at all. I gave him constructive feedback that not everyone appreciates that and he might get dinged by it. That was just it. In our case, no one has a problem with it, but it’s not going to be the case all the time. It was a private matter between two friends who should be able to converse openly, and he made it a public issue which is not. I am still trying to calm myself about it and thinking, “do I want to associate myself with someone who would do that to make a point?”I know better now.

That opened my eyes and it’s definitely a teachable moment. Sometimes, I wonder why I still care.



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