10/14 – Wednesday

Okay, I thought that I’ll be better in this blogging thing, but I’ve been moving for the past few days here in Eagle Ridge. there are still many things to do and I’m just not being organized and focused in attacking this. I really need to correct this and feel more composed in doing things. I don’t know, but I’ve been feeling a bit out of my game lately and I need to quickly fix this ASAP. Maybe it’s because there are just so many things going on right now that I need to just drop something off or let things finish.

Notable things both good and bad:

  • Monday night volleyball was just terrible. We were swatted by an older team due to poor execution. I share the blame here and I commit to really get back in working out more religiously and build the muscle strength and memory of being a better player. #practice #practice #practice
  • I watched Papertowns a few days ago and it was a bit meh. Good thing I did not really exert that much of an effort reading the book. It just felt weird for me.
  • I thought Hillary owned the debate last night. Her cheeks though – omg.
  • I forgot to mention The Martian in my previous post! I watched this a week back and I’d say that it’s such an amazing movie. I think it’s the best movie of the year so far.
  • I’m curious about Tomorrowland and Magic Mike XXL. Things to watch in the next few days when I have some down time from work, and moving.
  • I brought my car to VW earlier because of the Check Coolant light. They just topped up the coolant for free. I hope this is the really the issue and nothing more. Crossing my fingers.
  • M invited me to go to Wisconsin with him, but I turned him down. There’s work to think about, and I don’t know if I’m ready for that step. Yes, I’m overthinking this.

Forward looking:

  • I need to finish my move to Eagle Ridge! Seriously, I need to get my act together.
  • Work is just one tsunami I need to conquer.
  • I need to conquer my thoughts too.
  • I might go to Chicago for Halloween. Let’s see if my life is fixed by that time.

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