11/22 – Sunday


The weekend is finally over in a few hours but the good thing is that this will be a short week! It is Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday is a holiday as well. So it is going to be a long weekend for me which is pretty good. I need the break. I have not really felt more energized since my last post, so I am still a bit off with how things are going. I had my annual physical last Monday with a new doctor that I actually like! I think he’s mixed Asian and he’s pretty nice during my nice. He gave me a bunch of blood test to rule out things. Most of my results are unremarkable. So that means I am healthy based on my blood work. I am just awaiting for my Testosterone test to see if that’s the culprit to this lethargy. Dr. Kaya’s hunch is that I am just going through Seasonal Affective Disorder. He advised me to go out in the sun or buy one of those “happy lamps” for light therapy. I’ll probably seek that out when I visit Costco one of these days.

I also ordered a new laptop for myself as my Christmas gift to myself. It’s an HP Spectre x360! I finally got a touch screen and 2-in-1 laptop! I’m pretty psyched playing with it when it arrives this coming week. Since it is also Black Friday this coming week, I’m still unsure if there’s something I’d want to buy. I still need to build my balikbayan box to the Philippines soon so I might want to get some stuff in there. I don’t know yet really.

Last friday, I watched the last movie in the Hunger Games franchise — Mockingjay Pt. 2. I thought the movie was a bit dragging and I still think that the whole Mockingjay book can be squeezed into just 1 movie! Jennifer Lawrence was still awesome! Then, yesterday, I bought the new album of the sublime Adele. Her latest offering, 25, is good, but I prefer 21. My favorite track in the album is Remedy and there are still other good songs in the album.

I’m planning to go for a disconnect weekend after Thanksgiving. That means, a solo trip just to re-frame things and think the future through. I’ll probably go to some city and book a hotel Friday afternoon. Let’s see how things will go and where I’ll end up in. But, I need this retreat to think where I am, where I was and where I want to be.

An unexamined life is not worth living. — Socrates


3 thoughts on “11/22 – Sunday

      1. I know about it, but it’s not any lamp. It has to be of a certain light spectrum. there is a “light clinic” in my home town, esp. for the period NOV/DEC when it’s all gloomy.

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