Dec 4 / Friday

Wow, what a way to start today. I was scrambling for a roughly 15 minutes looking for my work ID and apparently I was wearing it. 


This is a good sign that I really need a break. Well, I am here at Columbus for a sorta away from home retreat so I can just think life through and recharge. I also watched A Second Chance. Nothing beats Filipino movies I swear! I love the movie and its emotional take on married life of Popoy and Basha. I still love their characters and as usual Popoy should be slapped. I love the flawed characters of the two and the reality of being in a “second chance” relationship — you’re more careful about it to a fault. Great movie overall. 

Another interesting thing though was my training the past few days. it was a training catered for new people at my level and that includes new hires like me. It’s very helpful to me especially that most days, I still feel lost navigating in my work world. And part of this is related to some weird anxiety to ruffle feathers. I need to be able to differentiate myself and let my voice be heard. I have a point of view and I need to let people know about it. It’s something I need to develop in “my way” without being inauthentic. 


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