2015 sum up!

Do I consider 2015 a good year? I asked this question earlier mainly because my goal stats say that it’s a sucky year. However, I thought I had great life achievements. Even if I failed hitting most of my targets this year, I accomplished things that I did not plan for and just went with it. I started setting goals a few years ago because I wanted to measure how I live life. It was a tool to be an enabler of gaining life experiences. Let me explain. I distrust the idea of just saying that I want to do something. Meaning, I think that if I do not put it on paper, I won’t do it — but of course, writing it down also does not assure achievement. Case in point, 2014 and 2015 goal trackers. But, it helps. Tracking goals tell me how much I consume life experiences. But for the past few years, I’ve been off script because there are things that I cannot control, or did not plan for. When I got my green card in 2014, it was a life defining event. It opened more options for me and I felt that I can do more. I did not save up much, but that did not matter. It’s the same thread in 2015. There are major life brush strokes that I call life defining that I couldn’t encapsulate in a goal. I left HP and moved to GE. Once again, it’s a life defining event that just gave me a new set of chaotic tree branches.

Going back to my goals this year – I was able to achieve some of them. I hit my financial target this year (finally!). I blogged more than normal (50 posts and counting), I enjoyed some vacation, and I watched a lot of movies too. I think these are the positive areas of 2015. I wish that I was able to accomplish more especially in all 4 areas that I track (financials, personal, career, health), but this is a good re-baseline. I did very poorly with my health and career but it was due to the change in my job. I have no excuse with my health to be honest, but I need to do better.

If I just look at the macro levels, this year was awesome. Gay marriage is legal in the US. Adele released a freaking album this year. I did a lot of firsts this year. I think I grew more as a person and I’m actually happier and more at ease with my self.


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