2016 goals

2016 is very exciting for me because I think I know that this is the start of a new cycle of goals and aspirations that I wanna work for. Life is comfortable enough where I do not want to make life altering changes and I can work on the next big thing. I just want to create a good foundation, improve myself and work on my bucket list.

2016 goals

Eventually, I want to get an MBA, and purchase my own home. That’s not going to happen next year so I can focus on other things that can help in working on those mid-term goals and improving myself.

PS: Surprisingly, I did not feel any brimstone and doom ideas getting in 2016. I think it’s mainly because I am really in a good place right now and I just do not feel any sense of negativity with my life. I feel that everything is achievable and as long as I am focused and have the desire to achieve them, it will happen. 


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