#1 – New Year.

Hello 2016!!! It was a fun night filled with great times with Joel and JT, and new faces who probably will not remember me. (Digression: I am good at remember faces/names. An elephant never forgets.) I got some alcohol flowing in me beyond my usual “happy zone” so I was pretty red and incoherent especially after the third Fireball. That brought me to the world of “I’ll dance on my own and I don’t care”. Ultimately though, I got home safely with Joel and JT around 4am so no harm, no foul. It was fun and I am down to do this on occasion, but I do not think I can live the “party hard” lifestyle. I am still an introvert who likes my bubble of perfect solitary joy.

I still have until tomorrow here in Chicago and then I will drive back to Cincinnati. I really enjoyed this one-week escape and I know that I needed it to live more. I met new people c/o Joel, and I was able to visit new places with my road trip with JT and Joel. It was an awesome holiday and I’ll have a final hurrah tomorrow with volleyball, and then I’m back to reality. I’m excited!

New Year 2016


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