I survived week 1 of work. Snaps for that. A part of me thought I will not survive. I’ve been battling fatigue for the entire week and I think it’s mainly because of 7am meetings that have been set almost everyday. I need to do an adjustment here and see how I can recover better from insufficient sleep. Let’s see how that will pan out.

I’ve already started watching some movies to hit my 25 movie target. I started 2016 with The Big Short and The Danish Girl. Both movies are amazing but I prefer The Danish Girl. Eddie Redmayne is a serious contender and I actually enjoy his performance more in this movie than Theory of Everything that kinda bored me out. He’s so brilliant. Alicia Vikander was also exquisite in her performance.

In other news, no one has one the Powerball pot. On Wednesday, it will hit $1.3 Billion. This is a lot of money and I don’t even want to think what to do with that money. But, of course, I would want that! Crossing my fingers for that win!


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