#5 Madonna

I watched Madonna live in Louisville, KY last Saturday. I had high expectations because I know she can put up one heck of a show. But, I was a bit disappointed by the concert not because she sucks, but I guess it’s more circumstantial. For one, I did not expect that her concert will start REALLY late. The concert ticket time was 8:00 pm, but she started her first song almost 11:00 PM. It’s such a long wait and I was pretty bored already by the time she started and the concert set list was not really helping. I have followed Madonna pretty closely during her Ray of Light and Music days and enjoyed the singles she put out afterwards. I did not really listen to much of the other tracks of the albums because the trend nowadays is just buy the songs you listen to the radio. I only knew roughly 5 songs in her 20+ setlist. The seats we got were not the best too so it was easy to just sit down and feel more boredom. I need to watch another Madonna concert and I’ll probably be more prepared there. Meaning, take my time, look at the setlist beforehand, and drink more before it starts so I can just get lost in my drunken state.


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