#6 Porchetta


I made a very beautiful Porchetta today. I got inspired by some posts online and since I’m doing Whole30 soon, I figured I should start doing some more Paleo-friendly meals. I ended up eating it with rice though (that’s not Paleo!). Oh well, February is coming by soon so I’ll just really enjoy all the non-Paleo food for a few more days before I go cold turkey.

In other news, I finished Etiquette of Mistresses and got caught up in the TV show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. My planned Singapore trip did not push through this week and I do not know if I will get to travel to Asia in the next 6 months. Time will tell, but I just hope it’s not in February. Knowing my luck though, I’m gonna travel to Singapore and my diet will be ruined. Crossing my fingers.


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