#8 Day 1

It is day one of my Whole30 diet. Last night, I did some prep work for my meals for today. I steamed some sweet potatoes, and I made cauliflower rice. It’s actually my first time to try this and it’s not terrible at all. I had it for lunch with my fish fillet today and it actually filled me up. The verdict on this one is that it will be a staple in my meals.

I still feel okay at this point. I haven’t been whining a lot and I think that’s because I know what I am getting into already. I still do not feel 100% satisfied with my meals, but it is not terrible as well.

Whole30 meals:

Breakfast: 2-egg omelette with mushrooms and onions, 1/2 papaya, Coffee

Lunch: Cauliflower rice, Pan fried Pacific Cod fillet, Clementine, Green Tea

Dinner: Chicken Tinola

Snacks: Lightly Salted almonds, Clementines, Earl Grey Tea


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