#12 Day 5. Thinking the Worst.

I got annoyed with M last night and I’m still a bit reeling from it. Unfortunately, I’m one of those who can forgive but cannot forget easily. Details are private, but the gist is that he thought the worst of me. It kinda jarred me a bit because I felt that I never gave any reason to be distrusted. I thought I was honest enough, but he already painted an image in his head relating my alleged deceit to my shortcomings. It sucks, but I’ll get over it. And as always, now , I know better.


Breakfast: Applegate’s The Great Organid Beef Hot Dog, 2 eggs, Black Tea

Lunch: Purple Sweet Potato, 2 Crackling Chicken (used EVOO instead of ghee)

Dinner: Zucchini squash, Steak

Snacks: apple


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