#14 Day 7

I’m not a really big NFL fan but since I’m trying to assimilate more of the culture here, I watched the Superbowl with Panthers against Broncos. The Broncos won and it’s a good feeling to know that I have a better understanding of the sport. You probably won’t see me playing this sport though. I’m not good with contact sport.

Another reason to watch were commercials and the halftime show. I did not enjoy much the halftime show. Coldplay was good. Beyonce was good. Bruno Mars was good. Together? It was just meh. As for commercials, I really enjoyed the Toyota Prius and the Snickers commercials. The new X-Men Apocalypse trailer was also good!

And for today’s Whole30 goodie…

Porchetta #whole30 #paleo #day7

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Breakfast: Applegate Hotdogs, Melon
Lunch: Roast chicken, 2 Hard boiled eggs (post workout)
Dinner: Clementines, Porchetta, Steamed purple sweet potato


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