#23 Day 16

I’m getting tired of my breakfast because it’s been the same for the past few days. I need to read some more recipes that I can alternate with this.

In other things, I’ve been thinking the M situation and seeing where this should lead. I know that it’s bound to end but it’s a matter of nipping it early or letting it go on. I still have mixed feelings about it, but I’ve also been anti-social lately. The good thing about it is that I’ve been laser focused with work and trying to work on my goals. You cannot have everything.

I’m excited to be off on Friday. I have some friends coming over to Cincinnati so it’s good to have more people visit Eagleridge other than the Terminix people.

Breakfast: Applegate Hotdogs, 2 fried eggs (I need to change this!)
Lunch: Roast chicken, Roast sweet potatoes, Clementines
Dinner: American Kobe Beef burger with egg, baby spinach


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