#25 Day 18

My knees are so sore right now from playing volleyball. I need to play smarter so my knees are not screaming in pain after playing. I need to get back in strengthening the muscles surrounding my knee, and fix my jumping mechanics. If any one has suggestions, I’m all ears!

I ate out for the first time since day 1 of my Whole30. So far, I know that Five Guys and Chipotle are two options that I can do if push comes to shove. As long as I get a bunless burger with veggies from Five Guys, and Carnitas salad with guac and salsa from Chipotle, I should be good.

Tomorrow, I am off from work. Some friends are coming over to Cincinnati so I decided to just take it easy and have a long weekend. Can’t wait!

Breakfast: Applegate Hotdogs, 2 eggs
Lunch: Chipotle Carnitas salad with guac and salsa (Whole30 compliant!)
Dinner: Sweet potato, prosciutto, banana, almond butter, coconut water
Snack: Hard boiled egg



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