#28 Day 21

I thought of separating my post for the weekend but I thought it’s better to just combine them into one. Christa and Ian were in town until today and they actually left around 1:30pm for Indy. It was really great to reconnect with old friends and enjoy each other’s time. We reminisced the past, and enjoyed new moments during the short time. It’s also nice to have some new people in the house. I was also very proud of myself for keeping my Whole30 regimen even with friends and all the going around. It’s a plus that they were also very supportive and not really forced me to try new non-compliant things. The learning is that Whole30 does not really kill your social life. You just have to make good choices and stick to your resolve.

Saturday was spent around town. We went to O Pie O, and Kenwood Mall. They did Pacific Kitchen, and Christa and I went to the Premium Outlets. Joe’s Jeans was closing and got really awesome deals. We did a quick stop at my place where I did a Whole30 dinner and then drove to Metropole in downtown. That was pretty interesting place and definitely a place I’ll try to visit again once I’m ready to reintroduce non-Whole30 food in my system. After dinner, we just hung out at home until 3am. Gosh, it was so late but you did not really feel so tired because everyone was engaging and having fun. It made me miss my friends back in the Philippines because it feels so effortless to spend time with them.


Breakfast: omelette with prosciutto, mushrooms
Lunch: cauliflower rice, roast chicken
Dinner: Cracklin’ chicken, sweet potato steamed


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