#33 Day 27

Finally it’s the weekend! I was aiming to be more productive today but I just ended up doing some chores. I did my cauliflower rice in the morning but I was not able to cook anything else for this coming week. I had a good conversation with my friend Ronald trying to help him achieve one of his dreams. I’m rooting for him. Then, volleyball was fun but really tiring. I think the warm weather contributed here, or maybe I’m just really tired. When I got home, I took a nap and got a call from my mom just to rant and share some of her stories. I was too lazy to cook up anything so I ended up just eating fruits for dinner before I headed up for a relaxation night. I ran a bath and listened to spa music and just really blanked my mind. It’s a good night. I need more of this.

Breakfast: Plantain, hotdogs
Lunch: Chicken tinola, cauliflower rice
Dinner: Mango, banana, clementine


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