#37 Post-Whole30

Hurray for me. I’m done with Whole30! Today is the first day where I’m not really pressured to adhere to the Whole30 rules but I still prescribed to it mostly. The only thing that I kinda “cheated” is my lunch at Applebees where I ate a sirloin with sweet potato fries. So what’s the result? I started with 153.8 lbs on Feb 1 and I’m now 148.2 lbs. That means I lost almost 6 lbs in 30 days. I feel a bit disappointed because I was aiming for a lower weight but I’ve also been working out heavily so I hope that I gained muscle too. I do not feel fat, and I feel more fit but I know there’s more!

So, I want to continue to be careful in the general sense but I will also allow myself to indulge and monitor how I’m reacting to some of these cheats.


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