#40 Meh.

I have not posted again for quite some time since my little booboo with my car. Nothing much has been happening really exciting so far. I’m mostly feeling tired, and overwhelmed because of all things going on in work. It’s not the best of times, but I just need to to trudge on and brave the storm.

So, let’s talk about some wins. I finally reached 205 lbs for my back squats. The goal is around 220 which is roughly 1.5x my weight. According to the Jump Bible, this is a minimum to ensure leg strength. I need to start incorporating back strengthening because the setback with this progress in my squats is my back get sore as well. I feel fit, which is good, but I just need to feel better overall. I might need to step back once again and assess how I can improve my mood and focus on priorities.

I also bought a slow cooker and I tried it yesterday with a Whole30-compliant Chicken Afritada. I had it for lunch but the chicken and the veggies are just too mushy. So, I need to find slow cooker recipes that I can try and hopefully, the proteins do not dissolve.

With work changes, my personal priorities in 2016 might actually change as well. It’s not up in the air if I need to do another move this year. I don’t know if I should settle already to buy a house, or do another move to an apartment (that allows pets). I don’t know yet, but that’s shaping up. With this, I’m thinking if executing my vacation plans makes sense financially. Well, it’s spring time anyway, so maybe it’s time to start looking and keep my mind open to options.

It’s almost bedtime for me and when I wake up, it’s Friday. Oh god, thank you. I need this breather and wrap up my 2015 taxes, experiment more on slow cooking, and clean up my house. If I finish everything by Friday, maybe I can do a road trip somewhere. Let’s see.


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