#41 estrangement

There are relationships that just die naturally. You think you did not do anything about it, but it just dies. We focus on different things in our lives and sometimes, people get left behind. We change — good or bad — and this has a big effect on our relationships too. It can bring people closer or it causes estrangement.

It made me wonder because I think I am going through this. I feel that something has changed that I cannot even identify. You do not talk, chat, hangout or what not anymore. They all add up and eventually you realize there’s a big chasm that you cannot bridge anymore. You cannot connect. As a knee jerk reaction, you try to salvage it, but it’s too late. What’s done is done. And, you rationalize, it might be better this way. Is that true? Today, it sounds good because like any loss or failures, it will get better. You will learn to walk on without the crutch and you’ll be able to run until your next stumble.



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