#42 Something new.

I totally forgot about blogging for the past couple of weeks. I was busy, but not extremely busy that would prevent me from taking time to sit down and write about my life. No excuses really, but let’s just get it on and see how I can further improve my blogging points.

Since my last kinda somber blog, I want to write about new things that I got excited about and one experience that made me feel thankful for good friends. Let’s start with the latter. One Sunday, I locked myself out of the house. I walked out of the door from the kitchen and it was in auto-lock which I did not notice. I did not have my keys, wallet or phone with me. All I had was my trusty Apple Watch which allowed me to call / send text messages to people. Roman and Cams dropped by with tools, and so was Brian and Shane. Brian pointed out how I could enter the house without doing anything and voila, I’m safe inside. I was so thankful for that. Moments like these where I felt very helpless make me dread a single life. I just need to prepare better I guess.

Last weekend, I played my first volleyball league here in the US, and my first time to play in NAGVA. It was really fun! We fought really hard, and I think I played my best volleyball ever during that weekend. It was fun connecting with old friends from Chicago, and meeting new friends in a sport we all love to play. I’m definitely gonna work harder to improve my game, and also continue to join playing leagues / NAGVA until my body gives up on me.

Another thing I’m excited about is a trip to Orlando in May to join the SAPPHIRE conference. I’m pretty excited about that. It’s my first time to join SAPPHIRE and I’m very curious to learn new things about SAP, and how I can improve the processes at work. Speaking of work, there are just oh-so many changes going on and it’s jarring in a way. I just wish that the dust would just settle so we can start rebuilding everything again and move forward.


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