#44 Sor(e).

Sor. I have not been very good at keeping this blog updated since my blogorrhea last February due to my Whole30 experience. But, I have some free minutes today and I’m fully making it productive by blogging.

Let’s start this weekend and I’ll work on the other things I want to write on. I traveled to Champaign, Il for a NAGVA league there with my Chicago friends (Rom, Romy) and got to play with new great players as well (Pang, Johnny, Alex, Felipe and Josh). We struggled a bit during pool play where we placed 10 out of 11, even if we won against a team. There were really strong teams and we were still doing a lot of adjustments throughout the day. I also got to play libero for most of the time and I really enjoy it more than being opposite, outside or setter. I’m convinced that I should continue this more and it’s actually better on my knees! On the 2nd day, we won against our first game, but lost the next. There were a lot of things needed to be learned, but I’m gonna be resting a bit for a few weeks to let my body recuperate. I’m sore as hell.


I finally voted last April 15 as an overseas absentee voter. I drove up to Chicago on that Friday and voted. With social media being so prevalent this year, I am getting bombarded with passionate posts supporting and debunking candidates. I like the idea that I have a lot of good friends who are not apathetic, and having intelligent and respectful debates about what we like and what we do not like about candidates. My vote has been cast so I am stuck with it. The good thing is that I do not think I will change my mind. Here’s my roster for this election:

President: Grace Poe

Vice President: Leni Robredo


  1. Rafael Alunan
  2. Sherwin Gatchalian
  3. Richard Gordon
  4. TG Guingona
  5. Risa Hontiveros
  6. Lorna Kapunan
  7. Susan Ople
  8. Sergio Osmena III
  9. Jericho Petilla
  10. Ralph Recto
  11. Joel Villanueva
  12. Juan Miguel Zubiri

Party List: Mata


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