#46 House

I have a blog entry saved up in my iPad that I forgot to post but I do not have it right now — I am at Coffee Emporium in Oakley passing some time before my dinner with Dave. It has some updates on the elections, SAPPHIRE, and Miami. So, I’ll just skip that for now and just post a more pressing item going on in my life. Jose and Irene are going home! A big part of me is pretty happy that they are back here in Cincinnati because that means I can move out of West Chester, but the problem is that I am not put in a position that I have limited time to get myself a new place.

The objective at the moment is to purchase a house. It seems like a daunting task considering that I am not psychologically prepared for this to be honest. Part of me is telling me that I do not need a house and I can just rent an apartment / townhouse. I do not need more responsibility on my plate. However, another part of me identifies this as an opportunity to “adult” it up. I am 33 this year, and I want a sense of achievement / investment.

Either way – I am giving this a chance. The plan is to find a house and see if something is attractive enough for me. If not, renting will be the way to go. I am giving my self an internal deadline of finishing up my house search by July and pivot to an apartment search by then. I want to move out before Aug 3 — the start of the Chinese ghost month. I’m not superstitious but my parents believe in these things so the only setback I see is that I put more pressure to myself. Push comes to shove, I have August.

This is my current project now and let’s see how this pans out. Because of this, I have side plans that I need to postpone or cancel. I need to focus on my house search so June travel plans for Columbus, Indy, etc for Pride is cancelled. My Chicago 4th of July trip is on hold right now. The biggest thing though is my London trip. :( I just cannot afford it right now with this house purchase.

I am afraid about the idea of making such a commitment but I need to just decide and move on. The idea excites me because it’s life altering and it’s something I can control. I just need to PM the shit out of this.


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