#47 SAPPHIRE to Miami

This is a late post when I was in Miami. Better post it than never, right?

It’s Sunday morning and I’m enjoying my Paul chocolate eclair and a cup of coffee. Nothing too fancy but enough to give me enough good vibes this morning. So I haven’t been really put so many updates because I’ve been busy with Philippine elections trying to push and convince people to vote for my candidate, Grace Poe. I didn’t unfriend anyone and I think I just got into some healthy debates which is the spirit of democracy. Duterte won with a good margin so he’s the presumptive president-elect. I was disappointed but all I can do is give him the benefit of doubt that he really means well and he can lead the country effectively. 

I’m still in Miami and in a few hours, I will drive back to Orlando later for my flight back to Cincinnati. I was in SAPPHIRE last week, and decided to have a weekend getaway here in Miami. I wish I planned it better because this trip is costing than what I was hoping for. It’s a pricey weekend vacation but I’m just really chalking this up to experience. I know better now. 

SAPPHIRE was such a mind-opening experience. I really enjoyed listening to what SAP has developed to further enhance the ERP solution with S/4, hearing the keynote of Woz, and watching Coldplay in VIP seats to close the conference. It was very overwhelming as well because you are just bombarded by too much information and sales pitch that they all become noise and you have to filter through them and decide what you can takeaway from all of them. A lot of them are good ideas but you also have to determine if its something relevant for you or if you are organizationally ready to jump to these disruptive ideas. 

Coldplay closing SAPPHIRE
Woz – the nerd rockstar

Miami is so awesome. The weather was perfect for relaxing and the feel was very laid back and fun. I will definitely return here!


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