#49 updates

Super nice weekend again! I am really loving yung mga ganitong weekend where the weather is cooperating and there’s really nothing too drastic to do. Happy mode. Anyway, let me put out some quick updates…

House. As I blogged before, I’m looking for a house. The Boloquis are returning soon so kelangan to find a new place for me. It’s exciting but also nerve wracking. I had a ton of flip flop thoughts about this because I was not so sure if I wanted to really plant my feet and settle in a way. After all the thinking, I just really closed my eyes and just proceeded with it. My offer to a house was accepted yesterday so I just need to let the process happen. I have home inspection planned this week and then if there are no issues with that, then I am ready for appraisal and finally closing this down. The journey does not end there because I need to personalize/update the house with my taste. Let’s see. 

Knee. I still have not played volleyball. The last time I played was the Saturday before I left for SAPPHIRE in Orlando. It’s been 3 weeks already. I went to my doctor and got referred to a PT. The official diagnosis is PFPS (Patellafemoral Pain Syndrome) or Runner’s Knee. I believe it’s because of my heavy squats and also my frequent volleyball dives. Well, I am paying for it so I’m still resting it and I already opted out of the Chicago volleyball tournament. Leche. Next step for me is to send a follow up email to my doctor that taking Naproxen did not really help much even after 1 week of taking it. I’m still doing the PT exercises so let us see.

Fitness. Since I have not been playing volleyball, I’ve been swimming in the LA Fitness pool. The only problem is that it causes acne break outs for me. It’s so annoying. I don’t know what to do about it but I have not been doing any solid cardio lately so I’m fattening up! 


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