#51 Quick blurb.

Okay, since I seem to not find the time and strength to sit down and write a proper post, I’ll just ramble it down here. This will probably be incoherent.

I’m still tired generally but getting better. I’m focusing better and maybe that’s because of L-Thyrosine. Read up on it. Pretty interesting.

House is still moving along. Everything is squared except my loan. So once that is approved, I’ll be officially a home owner by the 22nd of July. Cross fingers for me.

Pride last weekend in Cincinnati! First time to march and it was awesome! Great positive vibes from the crowd and the team. I wish we just shower each other with love and not be hateful. Thoughts to Orlando massacre victims and their families. That totally put me in a funk.

I played volleyball twice and now I’m paying for it. After my meds wore off, I’m experiencing knee pain again. I guess the pain killer was hiding away the real effects. PT is not working as per plan. No volleyball again for me most likely. Started the Limber 11 though. Let’s see if this helps.



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