#52 July!


I cannot believe that it is already July! As cliché as it sounds, time is really flying so fast because it’s already the second half of the year! The next thing you know, 2016 is over and we are ushering a new year! It’s crazy in a good way. It’s pretty an exciting second half for me and there are more things to look forward to! Let’s start it with 4th of July weekend where I spent it at Chicago, IL and Saugatuck, MI with some Chicago friends. It was my first time in a gay resort and it was just interesting to experience such stuff. Let’s just say what happens in Saugatuck stays there.

The house progress is practically done. I have scheduled my closing date to be July 21. Originally, I set it at July 22, but I figured I can just do it on a Thursday, so Friday I can do some cleaning, and fixture changes already. I’m also quite overwhelmed with all the things that I need to do for the house. My top priorities though are: (1) W&D, (2) office table (standing desk), (3) dining table and chairs, (4) new door knobs and locks, (5) lawnmower. Big ticket items, right? Well, I still want to get a new bed & frame, new television, and add more furniture. Then, I also want to update my basement, change the carpet in my “entertainment” area, and open up my kitchen with a bar or island. Yes, I am ambitious!

I want to do so much work in my house that maybe my knee problem is a blessing in disguise. Yes, my knee is still a problem unfortunately. Since my pain meds are gone and the knee pain still persisting, my PT has already referred me to go to a specialist. I will see how this will work out. I played volleyball yesterday since I will be restarting my knee pain treatment plan. Yes, I am terrible in the sport. Ugh. It’s friggin’ bad.

The perfect distraction while I wait for my house is this Pokemon Go game. It’s been fun but I’ve realized that I’m not a gamer anymore. My attention span is too short for this.\

PS: It’s my birthday month too! Cheerios for being 33 this year.


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