#55 33

I was trying to get some inspiration of sorts for my birthday post by reading through my past entries. All I can think of was gratitude to be honest. Some of my closest friends would attest how birthdays throw me to a funk because I’ve always felt aimless and to some extent, a failure to an unreasonable standard I put myself. I’m my worst critic. But, looking back, I want to learn to be more grateful without settling down to mediocrity. I want to shoot for the stars but I should not be bogged down when I do not reach it. I should keep it high and above and continue to strive to reach it.

My 33rd year of life is no different. Originally, I wanted to kick an item off my bucket list – travel to UK. That’s not happening this year, and I need a big dose of fiscal discipline to make it work next year. But, the flipside is that I purchased my first house. It’s surreal for me to be honest, because a part of me tells me that “I do not deserve this”, but another part screams “you worked hard for this. Own it”. I always thought of it as a dream, and not something achievable by this time. Heck, a house was never in the picture!

This year, I celebrated it with some good friends at Bella Luna (as per my request). It’s all fun! When I looked back at my old posts, I’m pretty surprised that there were tons of milestones close to my birthday. In 2011, I moved to the US for good (July 30 is the exact anniversary actually. Happy 5th!). In 2012, I celebrated my birthday in New York. In 2013 (my 30th!), I spent it with friends in Chicago and gained new ones to boot! 2014 was a low key birthday here in Cincinnati, but I bought my VW Golf. 2015 was spent in Singapore for a business trip, but since I know a ton of people there, it was pretty much a pleasure trip as well. And this year, another low key one in my new house. So yes, I am grateful for life. 33 years and going strong. Maybe next year, I’ll put this up in London! Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “#55 33

  1. Happy Birthday!!! 🎂🎂🎂
    Low key or not, I think you achieved a fair bit. And I envy you for the determination and discipline to set goals and see them through.

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