#56 Torn

I have been busy for the past few weeks with the move and finding new things to work on the house. Finding time to sit down and write just felt elusive but I am forcing myself now to post something and put a marker of sorts.

House. It’s been a mixture of excitement and frustration for me. I love the idea of having the ability of being able to design how my house will look like. It feels like I have a blank canvas and it’s up to me to decide how I want it to look. And that brings me to the frustration part of this homeownership. I just see an endless list of things to do that it gets tiring and overwhelming. I really need to set up a Product Backlog or Kanban Board that I can work with so it gets organized. I just need to sort more purchases that I need to do to make this house more livable. My Miele vacuum cleaner arrived today so I can start more cleaning.

Rhinitis. I was telling my friend Dave that I think I have fully assimilated here in the US because I think I have allergic rhinitis. I’ve felt congested and been sneezing for the past few days and a dose of Claritin really helped me a lot. Yes, I’ve made it. I just need my American citizenship and I’m set.

Knee. A few weeks ago, I just decided to go to a sports medicine facility to have my knee checked. I chose Beacon Ortho due to great reviews and accessibility. The doctor and his student quickly assessed my knee and ordered an MRI. He thinks it’s both patellar tear and chondromalacia with the tear more grave than the other. That prognosis was confirmed by my MRI – I have a partial patellar tear. Sadness. He recommended that I go through a PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) but I am having second doubts with it. That will require some major downtime and it can also get expensive. I’ve been reading about eccentric decline squats which seem to help rebuilding patellar tendons. I’m giving this a month to see if this helps and if not, I will probably go through the PRP treatments. More on this.


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