#60 PRP 1 of 2.

Last Friday, I had my PRP treatment done on my knee. PRP is Platelet-Rich Plasma. Basically, what they did was draw my blood and centrifuge it to obtain a high concentration of platelet, and inject that in my knee. The idea is that this will aid in rebuilding the patellar tendon tears in my right knee.

The treatment was around 1.5 hours and I had my friend JV wait for me. It was actually not that bad. There was an initial pain when he injected some anesthesia in my knee and that was it. I was laying down so I did not really see what he was doing with the syringe, but Dr. Velasquez used an ultrasound to aide him in determining which area he should fix.

After the shots, I was put in my knee brace and I will continue to wear this for a week. So I was practically just at home the entire weekend since Friday. The first two days, I needed to lock the brace and couldn’t move it at all. But today, I was able to add some degrees here and could sit with a 30-degree bent. It should progress until the rest of the week and I should be off the brace by end of this week and then I’m going to be in PT starting the week after before the 2nd PRP injection on the last Friday of October.

I really hope this works and can eliminate the pain in my knee and get me back in the volleyball court. My forecast is to be back in the court by Febuary 2017, but let’s see. I do want to really build the right strength not only for my knees but overall. I’ll update more as I progress but so far so good. I’m optimistic and will try my darn best to make this work.


2 thoughts on “#60 PRP 1 of 2.

    1. My tendon tear wasn’t big enough to warrant surgery so this was the alternative. I’ve read a lot of good things online during my research. My doctor said it’s usually 50-50 though. I’m hopeful that it will be good for me!

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