#62 symposium

I spent yesterday and today in a conference attended by selected GE Asia Pacific American members called InDiGo – GE APAF Symposium. It’s basically a leadership conference for the GE Asian community where they invited various speakers to provide insights on leadership and also the opportunity to network with other GE employees. To be honest, I was a bit wary in the beginning because I already made myself believe that I’m a shy introvert who will not fit in anywhere. Over time, I forced myself to put myself out there and talk to different people and it felt awesome. There were also great tidbits from various leaders and my key take away is that we need to be comfortable being uncomfortable in order to grow further. It was a great insight and a lesson that I need to learn more especially that I have told myself that I should settle down and just take the easy/comfortable path. We need to grow constantly so we do not stagnate and regress. We need challenges and new life lessons to keep our minds sharp and have a more enriched life. I’ll probably talk more about the other things that I picked up and frame it to my experience as the days go by.


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