#64 roughed up

This week was not good at all. usually, I’d even qualify an uneventful as week as so-so, but there’s really no reason to sugarcoat it. It’s a terrible week. It all started with Trump’s win in the US elections. The dark cloud and negativity stuck with me until this moment. It has been tough dragging myself out of the rut. I remember when Duterte won, it took me a day or two to shake it off because I rationalized that it’s the Philippines’ problem now – you reap what you sow. But now, it hits close to home. I feel helpless and clueless. I do not know what the future will bring because I do not know what this new government will do. Based on their ideology, it’s no good at all.

The little win this week is that the knee brace is finally off. PT has restarted once again and I noticed that my knee is weaker than the last shot. I’ll have to get focused in getting my knee working normal and strengthen it beyond my old levels. I need to be better. This is the only thing that is keeping me sane and grounded. 

Another unfortunate event this week is that I bumped another person’s car. :-( I was backing out of my garage and I did not see a car was park opposite the street. My car sustained some damage but the bump left a dent in the other person’s car. Ugh. Not a good day at all.

I need to shake this negative feeling and start do something productive or fun. I need to get back to the gym and get my heartbeat up. I’m up to 153 lbs and I think it’s all because of the carb loading I’ve been doing trying to keep my spirits high. Food is such an upper for me but it also makes me fatter. Back to broccoli, and other low carb options. Self-discipline is needed. I can do this. 


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