#65 Life planning.

Tis the season! December is fast approaching and it’s actually Thanksgiving this coming week. Other than planning my Black Friday shopping list and route, it’s also that time of the year where I brush up on things I’ve done this year and look into things I wanted to do this year. It’s time to be introspective and really ask the tough existential questions that I usually shrug off.

This time, I thought of changing things up a bit. Instead of planning my life quadrants, I’m thinking of applying some practices in the Agile methodology and test if this will apply better. Not that I’m failing miserably in my annual plans, but what I realized this year is that I can’t plan life using static assumptions and goals. Life is ever changing and I need to be able to adjust and pivot. Clear example this year is that I bought a house and I had to drop my London plans, and I’ve been having some knee issues that totally obliterated my volleyball aspirations for 2016. 2017 is even up in the air.

What I want to do is to establish a vision that will be the guiding principle of the things I am working on (backlog). Then, I will review that “backlog” regularly and adjust accordingly. The idea is to have a bucket list of sorts that will shape my vision of happiness/success. I don’t know if it will work or not but there’s no harm in trying right? I will create a Kanban board to track the following:

  • Life list – things I want to achieve that are still rough and need some further thinking to detail out the means to achieve it.
  • Storyboard – things that I want to refine and work on. Items from Life List will go here before getting to the Refined List.
  • Refined list – backlog of things that have been well thought of and ideally have clear paths on how I will work on them.
  • Done list – things that I’ve completed.

Now, the tough part – what’s that vision?


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