quickeroo updateoo

I survived my first bout of sickness for 2017. After spending my MLK weekend in Chicago, I contracted flu and I had to take 2 days off to rest and get better. I think I overestimated myself and the late nights and drinking took its toll. It’s something that I need to learn better as I grow older.

As usual, I am horrible in updating this space. I told myself that I will be better but laziness gets the better of me. I cannot even say that I am swamped with work because I am not. I just cannot find the strength to write down my thoughts and post it. I started a similar post but it ended up getting deleted. I need to stop being too hard on myself. No one is judging.

So let me try to go stream of consciousness mode and write stuff down:

– MLK weekend in Chicago. I tried to be spontaneous on this one. I was flip-flopping on this trip because of the weather. There was some forecast for icy rain weather so driving would have been treacherous. Luckily, there was a window on Friday and I grabbed that one to drive up to Chicago. It was an easy drive and Chicago weather was not that terrible at all — no complaints there. It’s the same old story in Chicago for me. Hang out with Joel, eat, go out in Lakeview and eat some more. What’s new is I got towed!!!! On Sunday, my car got towed because the towers did not see my car as an allowed parker. Apparently, the limit is around just 2 extra parkers. That’s $100 down the drain. I was finally able to try Peking Duck from Sun Wah which was amazing, and visited Seafood City as well! Before driving back to Cincinnati, I went to Seafood City again to grab a Jollibee lunch (chicken joy FTW) and bought food for the Cincinnati folks. For me, I just bought one whole chocolate mousse from Red Ribbon. It was amazing.

– Trump inauguration. He is officially the president of the USA and it’s very depressing as well. I want to give him a chance but news as of late prove that the causes I believe in won’t see the light of day while Trump and his congress are there. I am afraid for the people who are deeply affected by his presidency and policies and hopefully, we can make him a 1-term president. If nothing goes wrong, I can apply for naturalization in 2019 so I can vote in 2020! I cannot wait to finally be heard in the political discussion here. I posted a separate entry about the Women’s March and to this day, it still gives me chills!

– While in Chicago, I watched La-La Land. I don’t know if my taste has changed drastically but it did not really do much for me. It is good and well made but I think I am looking for something more thought provoking as of late. When I watched The Arrival, I was  blown away with its premise and made me think more about it after the movie. With this movie, it felt like a steady one note movie that just delivered okay in my books. It will most likely garner a lot of accolades in the Oscars with all the buzz its getting. Good for them I guess.


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